Indoor air quality

Duct Cleaning Solution Provider

Does someone in your home or building experience allergies, asthma or respiratory disorders? What about headaches, nasal congestion or sinus problems? If so, the cure may be right under your nose in the form of the air you breathe.

Both Total Health and Better Health magazines cite that “1 of 6 people who suffer from allergies do so because of the direct relationship to fungi and bacteria in the air duct system.” Simply put: dirty ducts can make you sick. Really sick. The Department of Consumer Affairs adds that “children and the elderly are especially affected by polluted indoor air.”

Dirt, pollen, smoke, pet hair, dust mites, even dead skin gets trapped deep inside your ducts. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Every time you turn on your system, these contaminants get blown into the air that you and your family breathes.

Help Eliminate Odors and Dust

Does someone in your home smoke? Do you have any pets? Well, that smoke and animal dander doesn’t disappear – it winds up in your duct system. Think about it. Don’t you notice that musty, stale smell that comes on when you start your system at the beginning of the heating or cooling season?

What about dust? Do you notice a layer of dust that seems to settle on your furniture right after turning your system on? That’s a tell-tale sign of ducts desperately in need of cleaning. Most furnaces are only equipped with a throw-away style fiberglass filter. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) reports that “most commercially available fiberglass furnace filters are less than 7% efficient.” This allows a tremendous amount of dust to settle into your duct work.